The cooperation is funded by the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and the Nordic Council of Ministers

Interim project results were presented at the international workshop Saltsjöbaden VI

Interim project results were presented at the international workshop Saltsjöbaden VIexternal link, opens in new window in Gothenburg, Sweden, on March 19-21, 2018.

The workshop was focused on the joint discussion of air quality issues and providing recommendations for further work within international agreements such as CLRTAP, Paris Agreement, Stockholm Convention, Minamata Convention, etc. During the session devoted to problems in the Eastern region of CLRTAP, country representatives emphasized significance of further technical support and continued bilateral and multilateral cooperation projects aimed at capacity building. Important role of international cooperation on the way to cleaner air in Europe was also highlighted by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Beside the interim project results, the presentation PDF (pdf, 1.6 MB)provides a brief assessment of the Nordic-EECCA cooperation’s potential contribution to overcoming barriers that countries in the Eastern region of CLRTAP face on their way to ratification of the Convention protocols.


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